The Aura Healing

Floral Smudge Jar


Burn natural substances have been used for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes.

The ritual of burning these beautiful loose botanical incenses can help release stress, provide balance, energy, attract luck or love and even purify the air as a strong and ancient antiseptic.

The Jar contains California White Sage leaves, Lavender, Cedar, Juniper, Rose petals and buds, Camelia petals and buds, Jasmin, Rosemary, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Cowslip, Tangerine peel, Frankincense resin, and a charcoal disc.

Instructions: Place charcoal disc in a heatproof container. At a top the lit disc, place our loose Botanical Incense. Replenish as necessary.


Store Floral Smudge inside the Jar in a cool and dark place to preserve its freshness. Glass jars offer huge environmental benefits. We do encourage people to reuse glass jars for home storage because is a good cause to save our environment.

✨100% recyclable ♻️ packaging

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