The Aura Healing

Clear Quartz Stone


This crystal is known as the master healer. Its energies are transmitted to all directions because its light spectrum has the colors of the rainbow. 

Also, it's a powerful tool of magic because it amplifies the properties of other crystals and it's very useful to increase and clear the stagnant energy. It is one of the essential crystals to have in your personal collection.


Approximately 1 - 1 1/2 inch

Origin: All over the world

Colors: crystal clear

Chakra: All chakras, but especially the crown.

Uses: Place on the chakras, wear as jewelry, carry in a pocket or purse, hold in either hand for healing, use in grids, keep in a room where protection or cleansing is needed or use them as decoration to uplift your home with magical vibes.

 ✨Please, note that crystal shapes and appearances do slightly vary.

✨100% recyclable ♻️ packaging

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