The Aura Healing

Consciously Handmade Howlite Bracelet 8mm


This stretchy bracelet is consciously handmade with Howlite stone beads and a sterling silver lotus flower charm.

Howlite is known as a guardian stone. It can aid in self awareness, and is helpful in calming the mind. 

  • Meaning:  Howlite is a calming and protective stone. Reduces stress, anger, and absorbs negativity. 
  • Properties: Balances chakras, calms and teaches patience. Treats insomnia
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Element: Air
  • Bracelet Diameter: 7 1/4"
  • Stones: 8mm
  • Materials: Howlite Stone Beads (8mm Round Faceted) and sterling charm.

✨Please, note that bead shapes and appearances do slightly vary.

✨100% recyclable ♻️ packaging



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